How a Graphic Designer Created an Awesome Global Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Women in Balesa, India reading the Worldwide Breast Cancer leaflets in the language of Gujarati.

Corrine Ellsworth Beaumon  is using her design talents to educate people around the globe about  breast cancer symptoms and treatment. Her Worldwide Breast Cancer  lemon-centric visuals have been used in North America, Europe and Asia to communicate detailed information about the signs of breast cancer. They can be displayed publicly without censorship and have been translated into many languages. (See my earlier post here.)

In partnership with Khambhati Charity International (KCI), Worldwide Breast Cancer now has materials available in Gujarati, one of the many languages spoken in India.  “Thanks to Jayshri Rami and her translator from KCI, as well as several university student translators at Kingston University, London for helping to provide the translations,” Beaumont says in a recent blog post.  “The beautiful typeface ‘Kohinoor Gujarati’ was donated by the Indian Type Foundry for the project.”

As part of her doctoral project, Beaumont asked 250 women about their knowledge of breast cancer detection and screening.  “Many did not know the signs of breast cancer or what a lump felt like.,” she says “Collaborating with oncologists, radiologists, breast cancer survivors, nurses and screening technicians, the message was developed and designs were created to communicate concepts that patients [previously] didn’t understand.”

You can download free posters and brochures likes this one:

Beaumont’s goal was to use her design skills to reach those who were afraid, embarrassed, uninterested or overwhelmed to learn about breast cancer.

I think she is succeeding!

Beaumont would like to see Worldwide Breast Cancer become a global organization and attract funding to expand its efforts. “By using a friendly metaphor to open the discussion, the opportunities to communicate go beyond language, education and culture and truly have the potential to connect globally,” she says.

See for additional educational materials.

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3 thoughts on “How a Graphic Designer Created an Awesome Global Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

  1. Love great graphics. I’ll keep working on the snarky ones. 😉

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