I am not too interesting. I am a B2B magazine editor. I presented with a low volume of bone mets in August 2009 at age 43. I am ER/PR+ and HER2-.  Also a Capricorn.

Two entries to start with: Why Am I Doing This and Meet the Walnettos.

Email me at kmayobrien [at] comcast.net.

If you’re reading this, these groups might be of interest:

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network  (MBCN) offers an overview of MBC, links to presentations from the annual MBC Conference, survivor stories and many mets-specific resources. (I volunteer with MBCN, come join us!)

METAvivor fund mets-specific research. Rock on, CJ!

AdvancedBC.org offers  research & treatment info plus advocate Musa Mayer’s insights.

BRAINMETSBC.org  is  for breast cancer patients with brain metastases and their families, as well as anyone interested in learning more about brain and other central nervous system metastases of metastatic breast cancer.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer has an Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer; a subsection its website is dedicated to advanced breast cancer; and  there’s also  a newsletter and series of MBC  brochures.

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 2006 in honor of Nancy Block-Zenna.

HER2+ Support Group: Christine Druther started a website, her2support.org in 2001, to give support to other women who are dealing with HER2+ breast cancer.

BC.org Stage IV Message Board http://community.breastcancer.org/forum/8

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ginny Knackmuhs says:

    love your blog! keep it up!

    On the links in the About section:
    the one for YSC message board gives an error and actually tries to go to breastcancer.org’s metastatic forum which should be: http://community.breastcancer.org/forum/8

    Can you move MBCNetwork to the top of the list, since it’s not in alphabetical order. (have to promote our organization!!!)


  2. Hi, Katherine. Love the blog. I’m glad you wrote about Dana. As we’re preparing for our conference this weekend, she’s on all our minds.
    Would you consider adding Living Beyond Breast Cancer as a resource? In addition to our Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, we have a subsection of our website focusing on advanced breast cancer, and we have a newsletter and brochure series on metastatic breast caner. I think your readers might find it useful. Thanks for your consideration!

  3. Read about your experience in the fall 2012 issue of Living With Cancer. I am also a met breast cancer survivor. My initial journey began in 2000. The cancer spread in 2002 to the lungs and then to the bones. It has been quite a ride ever since. I am a professional writer, thus in 2010 I presented a play reading titled Chemonologues, in part funded by a grant from United Arts of Central Florida. The play was a means to an end. I had stopped writing for years due to a deep depression. After I completed the play, I began writing a manuscript several months later. I am now completely the copy for a book titled – High Maintenance … Surviving Cancer at All Costs. I also have a blog – Marilyn’s Byline. You can visit at
    http://MarilynsByline.blogspot.com I intend to let my readers know about your blog and will list it as a resource. I know we both have a great deal to be thankful for and I wish you a happy & healthy holiday season.

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