Wear Black & Save the Rack

Peggy Orenstein’s Op-Ed on booby bracelets drew sharp comments from people with breast cancer, defenders of free speech, professional comment baiters and, of course, the people who make their living by peddling plastic gewgaws to the gullible public.

We’ve commented on this before.

But we here at the I Hate Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation have a saying: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em.

I am so pleased to embrace this noble cause for all of us on this brave and selfless journey of ours. Yes, the I Hate Metastatic Breast Cancer Foundation has now latched  on to a surefire vehicle to beef up the anemic state of metastatic breast cancer research*: BRACELETS! But not just any bracelets, MBC Bracelets.

Our MBC bracelets are not a gaudy yellow or girly pink but a tasteful and understated black. Each one comes with a photo and the personal story of a U.S. person who died from breast cancer last year. Choose from more than 45,000 stories! More added every day!

Although cancer is regarded as a disease of the aged, you’ll find we have a wide range of wacky pink stories to share with you! College students! Moms! Nieces! Daughters! Grandmas! And even some men!
Choose from the following fun sayings on our black bracelets:

>Let Me Tell You About My Side Effects

>Neuropathy: It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

>Join the Fight Against Chronic Constipation

>Thank Goodness I Have Chemo Brain, Because You Look Pretty Forgettable

>Screw Research, I’d Rather Buy Pink Crap from a Shallow & Useless Group

>What Part of Incurable Disease Don’t You Understand?

Collect ’em All! Support Breast Cancer Research! Wear Black & Save the Rack!

*Research, like charity, begins at home, which is coincidentally where I, as the Nancy Brinker of the IHMBC Foundation will be looking for the cure. Could it have slipped between the couch cushions with the remote control? Please support this vital and important work! Buy more bracelets!

18 thoughts on “Wear Black & Save the Rack

  1. Ginny Knackmuhs says:

    wicked good!

  2. katherinembc says:

    Thank you, Ginny. How many bracelets shall I put you down for? We can discuss partnering opporunties, too!

  3. nancyspoint says:

    Katherine, I love your fiesty and devious take on this!

  4. Anna says:

    I’d like to suggest one other……. Chronic Diarrhea? Love Those Free Colonics!

  5. Katie says:

    I’d like

    – Boobs are Overrated

    – It’s ok, they weren’t all that great anyway

    – Feel my scars

    – Radiation – It’s not just for mutants!

    – Why yes, I do feel like a freak.

  6. […] As a start, consider some of these fun new slogans from the blog, I Hate Breast Cancer. […]

  7. Love it, love it! Keep poking them with the stick. Don’t stop.

  8. I have an idea. Let’s try to beat the Boobie Brigades at their own game. Let’s come up with a serious (well, at least not demeaning anyway, sarcasm is always good) slogan, and put it on a bracelet. Then we’ll sell ’em (if only to ourselves) and donate ALL the money to research.

    I volunteer to do the ordering, 100 bracelets will only cost $33 plus shipping up front.

    So let’s have some slogans folks.

    Here are two of mine:

    Forget the tatas – how about the woman?
    Never mind the boobies – save the woman!

    What do you all think?

  9. Gayle Sulik says:

    Thanks again for your creative culture jamming ideas. We definitely need a societal intervention! Here’s “boobies, for Fun & Profit!” http://gaylesulik.com/?p=7369

  10. […] As a start, consider some of these fun new slogans from the blog, I Hate Breast Cancer. […]

  11. Latte says:

    I love it! Put me down for the chemobrain ones (but do it quick, before I forget to pay for them 🙂

  12. […] Last year, administrators at an Easton, PA, middle school sent home two girls for wearing “I ♥ Boobies” bracelets. In a recent preliminary ruling  Judge Mary McLaughlin found that the bracelets are not lewd or vulgar and can’t be banned by public school officials who find them offensive. (We’ve commented on this before.) […]

  13. summer says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this idea. My mom recently passed away from metastatic breast cancer at 50yo. By the time we realized the painful truth that we were not going to beat this awful beast and were going to face life without her, our matriarch, wife, mother, and grandmother, I was sick of seeing the pink ribbons, I was sick of the positive message, yes, I know that so many women are inspired by them and they represent awareness, however my mom wasn’t one of those lucky ones and she represented so much more than a pink ribbon. Keep up the good work:)

  14. dc says:

    How I love you!

  15. I love this post. I love the tone. I love that it elicited a wicked chuckle from my throat. I love the truth in it.

  16. katherinembc says:

    Reblogged this on ihatebreastcancer and commented:

    One more time…

  17. Scorchy says:

    Reblogged this on The Sarcastic Boob and commented:
    I am not a big fan of shortcut blogging–what this OCD riddled control freak calls a reblog. But I’m not going to be able to write this one better and I need to share. But let me add one to the mix: “Would you like to sign my drain?”
    Brava, Katherine! BRAVA!

  18. Acacia says:

    Maybe, “Ask me about my PET”?

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