Canadians Push for National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day Designation

Kudos to patient advocate Laurie Kingston and our friends at the Canadian Breast Cancer Network!



We want to salute Laurie Kinsgston, a Canadian metastatic breast cancer patient advocate and author, for her work with  the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. On May 1, 2014,  Laurie and representatives from the Canadian Breast Cancer Network joined Liberal MP Hedy Fry to call attention to her private members’ bill to designate October 13th as National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day.

Laurie, who lives in Ottawa, learned  was first diagnosed in  breast cancer in 2006, when she was 38 years old, with two little kids. Three months after she completed treatment, she learned the cancer had spread to her liver. Treatment went well–seven months later, her  scans revealed no evidence of disease.  But in November 2012, she was diagnosed with brain mets.

“After conventional and cyber knife surgeries, I was once again able to embrace the words ‘no evidence of disease,'” she writes. “I will be in treatment for…

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One thought on “Canadians Push for National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day Designation

  1. Nancy. Haley says:

    Charlotte Haley died Feb. 02, 2014′ with family and friend with her. She still supported the breast cancer research. Her sister and daughter are still alive and miss terribly as does her 2 other children, 8 grand children, 2 great grandsons and one on the way.
    Her legacy to her family and the world was to make people aware of the need for more research . N. Haley, daughter.

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