Gone Too Soon: Remembering Some Friends We Lost in 2013

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Despite billions spent on breast cancer research, 40,000 US women (and men) still die of breast cancer every year. Worldwide, more than half a million people die annually from this insidious disease.

As we remember those who died in 2013,  the cruelty of this disease has never been more apparent. They were young, old and all points in between. But one thing can be said of each of them: they are gone too soon. Here is video featuring  are some people who died from metastatic breast cancer in 2013.

Actress Marcia Wallace ( 1942 − 2013)

Lisa “Michigoose” Quintana (1960-2013)

Barbra-Watson Riley  (1968-2013)

Author Jen Smith (1977-2013)

Jeanne “Assertive Cancer Patient” Sather (1954-2013)

Advocate Maria Weltzel (1944-2013)

Actress Bernie Nolan (1960-2013)

Newspaper executive Mary J. Corey  (1964-2013)

Writer Lisa Lynch (1979-2013)

Mary “Apple”  Stevermer  (1956-2013)

Pat “Frapp” Frappier  (1959-2013)

Beth “Spam Girl” Bell (1973 -2013)

I would like to add:

Donna Peach (1952-2013)

10 thoughts on “Gone Too Soon: Remembering Some Friends We Lost in 2013

  1. tammycarmona says:

    That’s way to many and it’s not even all of them!

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  3. Thank you, Katherine, for putting a face on this awful statistic: 40,000 lives lost this year and every year for the past decades in the US alone.

  4. Jackie says:

    I have to add my mom’s name – Joan Nohre – gone from this earth on May 3 – but, living forever in God’s hands.

  5. Linda Holden says:

    Beautifully done again Katherine. Thank You!

  6. Thank you, Katherine, for helping us not to forget.

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