the big C.

Jenny shares a letter to Connor…her Big C.

putting the grrrrr in Grimes

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.
– Jenny Cavalieri,  in “Love Story”


Over the past few weeks, my eyesight has rebounded from the medications and I have been attending a writing group for those with cancer.  The group has been immensely helpful in processing my “new normal” while on disability, as the writing helps to release my feelings and fears without judgement– and hey, it’s free and available 24 hours a day (perfect for late night hot flashes!).

This past week we were asked to write on  the following: 

Research indicates that holding on to unexpressed feelings can take a great deal of energy.  
In light of that I need you to know that…

And with that, the following poured out.

My dearest Connor-

Even though we have so many heart-to-hearts, soul-filled conversations and speaking of our truths- I need you to know that I will never be able…

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