Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer: MBCN Responds

MBCN highlights and comments on some key points on Peggy Orenstein’s comprehensive article on breast cancer awareness vs. lives saved. It’s a must read!


By Katherine O’Brien, MBCN Secretary

Editor’s Note:Peggy Orenstein’s April 25, 2013 article–the cover story for this Sunday’ s New York Times’ Magazine, demonstrates a remarkable depth and thoughtfulness. It is long–but well-worth the effort to read. For those looking for a quick overview, we’ve prepared the following summary and added our observations where appropriate. We hope it will aid readers’ understanding of this important article as well as prompt further discussions. Please share your insights in the comment section below.

Initial Treatment and Recurrence | Journalist Peggy Orenstein wrote “Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer,”   subtitled “The battle for awareness has been won. So why aren’t more lives being saved?” Orenstein frames the article within her own breast cancer experience.  Sixteen years ago at 35, Orenstein had a screening mammogram that revealed early stage breast cancer. Her treatment, at that time, was a lumpectomy, as well as…

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One thought on “Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer: MBCN Responds

  1. This is an excellent article on the history and our beliefs of breast cancer. I had my first biopsy in 1963. Thankfully it was benign. In all these years I was able to thread my way through all of this without the horror stories that have happened. I refused hormone therapy. Again thank you God. With the right guidance I was able to make good, healthy choices, through ignorance of what might have been. I have had 3 more since then. One was abnormal but self-contained and the last one being botched by the doctor and requiring that I go back to the operating room for internal bleeding. Any of these could have ended up as one more statistic. I feel very blessed and appreciate Ms. Orenstein’s article, because it is such an emotional roller coaster.

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