I had to share my thoughts on the MBCN blog about Valerie Harper. Please take a look.


By Katherine O”Brien, Secretary and PR Chair, MBCN

I know that Valerie Harper isn’t Rhoda, her old character from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” But when I hear her name, I think of her in that role. I loved Rhoda’s brash attitude and her many sarcastic comebacks.

“Rhoda was the sass to Mary’s spunk, the head scarf to Mary’s beret,” writes EW’s Jessica Shaw. “She was so beloved that she transcended sidekick status and scored a show of her own.” 

In my mind, Valerie Harper is ageless–she will always be the same age as Rhoda on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” But of course that’s not the case. Harper is now 73 years old. She recently  announced she is  undergoing chemotherapy for brain mets. This past January she was diagnosed with  leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a  complication of her lung cancer in 2009. (Two to five percent of women with…

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  1. […] Susan  and Katherine both share  why they find the actress, Valerie Harper, who recently revealed she has metastatic cancer such an inspiration. […]

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