So for every $10,000 raised by Komen, about $200 goes to research to help Cindy and Bridget and all of us with metastatic disease.


Here is the latest Komen ad : “Komen’s Commitment to Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer.” We at MBCN are happy that Komen is continuing its first formal effort to acknowledge people living with metastatic breast cancer and featuring people like us in their ads. (Ironically, few people realize that Susan G. Komen died from metastatic breast cancer.)

We all have a story to tell and we can be inspired in writing the story and in reading others’ stories. Our organization actively solicits stories such as those of Cindy and Bridget, the two people  featured in this Komen ad.  Some stories are inspiring, as those of Cindy and Bridget; however, many stories are of perseverance in the face of uncertainty and discomfort.

Like Cindy, I love to read stories by people who are  living with metastatic disease for a long time–MBCN even has a special section showcasing the stories of…

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  1. daleevans says:

    That’s an amazing statistic. I gave my Promise book away. Didn’t her sister die of metastatic disease? How do you know that’s all they give to met research?

  2. jschoger says:

    Wow. I have to digest all this. That is an incredible campaign they’ve started.

    I saw your post on my FB page and will be happy to spread the word. We will also of course do something w/#BCSM for mets – if not half the month.

    How did you arrive at the statistic? I’m also sad that they had a metastatic “round table” but it sure didn’t sound like a lot of people sat there…where were the bloggers? the writers? the social media people? HMMMM.

    But as important: HOW ARE YOU DOING???

  3. daleevans says:

    sorry, just saw the first blog. understand the stat. really interested if komen is serious. any idea?

  4. Ethel says:

    Very interesting. I just checked Komen on Charity Navigator and it is not listed. In addition many of the Cancer “Cure” programs have low ratings. I would not give a cent to Koman because of the Planned Parenthood fiasco last spring. As a person with MBC, we want treatment options and we want to support programs that “say” they will do this. Unfortunately, since we are so desperate we often do not check out what these programs actually do with the money they receive. The blog you had about “Y-Me” was a perfect example. They collected tons of money, paid their Director, Kirk, $231,000 a year before she left and no one knows what has happened to their money as they now go out of business. I now will not donate to any non-profit without checking Charity Navigator, Charity Watch or the Better Business Bureau and recommend all of us do this.

    • daleevans says:

      i couldn’t find another reference to their first formal program, either. What, exactly, did komen’s sister die of? Don’t have my Promise book anymore.

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