Jenny from New Zealand is the latest recipient of “The Traveling Pants.” The jeans, which got their start from Michigan, have been signed and embellished by metastatic breast cancer patients across the U.S. Now, as Jenny reports, they are traveling internationally. We should get a passport for these pants!

Get Out Gertrude!

Most of us who are a certain age or had girls of a certain age will know of the book series and the movie ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’.

So when I found a website called Stage 4 Travelling pants I was intrigued. Shannon took the inspiration from the original “travelling pants” and created a way to support her sister Stephanie who was diagnosed at the age of 30 with stage 4 (secondary/metastatic) breast cancer.  Through different forums they had made contact with other young women with Stage 4 breast cancer and Shannon came up with the idea of creating a tangible link between these women spread accross the United States.   Using an old pair of Stephanie’s jeans she sent them out for the other women to autograph and decorate. I left a comment that I thought it was a great idea and what a pity they couldn’t…

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  1. katherinembc says: Jenny’s daughter has shared a message today on FB:

    It is with great sadness that we announce that Jenny Williams, author of the Get Out Gertrude blog, loved wife, mother and friend, passed away at 11pm last night in Middlemore Hospital. Although it was much sooner than expected, it was exactly the way she wanted to go, peacefully and quick. There will be a blog post to come with more details of her passing, plus a couple of blog posts that she told me (OD – Natasha) that she really wanted to write. We will announce funeral plans as they are made; in lieu of flowers she wished for people to consider donating to Shocking Pink, a NZ charity that supports young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

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