Calcium: It Does a Body Good (Supposedly)

Sorry for the long lapses between posts. I am fine–just busy!

One of my secondary motives for starting this blog was to improve my online skills. I prepared my first resume on a typewriter–which I suppose puts me only slightly ahead of Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote hers in pencil on a Big Chief  Tablet. So I try to keep up.

I’ve noticed just about every news/entertainment website features slide shows, like this one:

Gettysburg Adress as a Powerpoint Presentation

With a little online help from Jesse P. Luna, I learned how to create my own photo slide show: “Calcium Supplements Can Be FUN for the Whole Family! 6 Great Ideas!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 thoughts on “Calcium: It Does a Body Good (Supposedly)

  1. Katherine,
    Love it, love it, love it! So very clever. Job well done. I’m off to share this.


  2. Katherine,
    I typed out my first resume, too, on that icky old erasable typewriter paper. Lord, we have come a long way with some things haven’t we? Great job on the slide show.

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