“Hero” is a word we use a lot, but truly, Ellen & Suzanne were heroic. They both inspired me and will continue to do so.


It’s strange that two friends, colleagues, advocates and leaders of MBCN died within a week of each other. I want to read meaning into this coincidence, as if the universe had decided their fellowship and shared mission had linked their destinies. I’d like to think that dying within days of each other gave them some karmic connection and added comfort and peace at the end.

Ellen Moskowitz, former MBCN president, and Suzanne Hebert, former vice president, had each served the MBC community long and well.

Ellen, a strong personality and passionate leader, was involved in MBCN almost since its inception. She became president in 2006 and during her four years of service accomplished many things: the proclamation of October 13 as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day by Congress; the presentation of four national conferences and two regional programs; the creation of a metastatic information kit and much more. She…

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  1. It’s beyond sad, it’s tragic. Each loss feels personal.

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