Do you have a metastatic breast cancer story to share? As Joani notes, your story is your story. It doesn’t have to be an “Up With People Story.” You can be like Aaron Neville and Tell It Like it Is…
E-mail your story to (or send an inquiry  for more details) … To read some MBCN stories see:


A few weeks ago, I met an energetic, adventurous and determined older woman with metastatic breast cancer.  After exchanging pleasantries and our cancer “stats”, I suggested to her that she write her story for our website.  She kindly, but assertively, commented that she wasn’t sure that she wanted to write the kind of “positive” story that she thought we would expect.

She went on to talk about the struggle to deal with difficult and cumbersome side effects and the unrelenting stress of living with uncertainty.  This woman also spoke about the adventures that she was engaging in and the importance of these ventures in keeping her focused on moving forward.

We all know that dealing with mbc is complex, gritty, and at times, very unpleasant.  I invite you to share your story with us – even those parts of your experience that are more painful.  Do not feel that your…

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  1. We need to hear the stories. We need to hear each person’s truth, whatever that might be.

  2. My story is on my blog: Breast Cancer? But Doctor….I Hate PInk. Since I’ve written 100,000 words there I’m not sure I’d be up to writing more! I’ll certainly read them though.

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