A similar outfit (“Breast Cancer Society”) phoned me. I pretended I thought they were calling to offer ME financial assistance. “Why this wonderful!” I told the caller. “I have so many treatment related bills. God bless you!”
The solictor gave me the website URL. I sent an inquiry and have never heard from them again… Kudos to this blogger for doing some research!


So who else keeps getting calls from a charity called Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation out of Roselle Park, NJ?

They have an outfit making charitable solicitation calls called “Outreach Calling” that may have a website HERE but I was told by the supervisor of friendly Ann Marie who called me today (his name was Jeff) that they were located in NJ – he gave me a number to them of 973-999-6091 )

The helpful solicitor could tell me nothing about the charity other than it was based in Roselle Park NJ and gave a toll-free number to call 1-800-930-1220.  The other number I found on the charity is 908-241-2288.  These calls always go to an answering service in Madison, Wisconsin.

So I went looking for a webiste on this charity.  I posted my favorite photo off it of a woman with big huge fake boobs feeling herself up in a…

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  1. Suzanne says:

    You rock! Having my own foundation, where 100% goes to where I place the funds and where we have no salaries and all expenses are born by me, it pisses me off to hear these stories of JUNK FOUNDATiONS. Kudos to you, once again on your dillegence. Hugs and Love

    • Dear Suzanne – as a survivor after multiple calls I could not help but throw a FOIA on the state of NJ and write that post.

      Dear KatherineMBC – I am really flattered you reblogged my post. Know that I was interviewed recently by a reporter from North Jersey named Walt Kane. About this post.


  2. katherinembc says:

    Thanks Suzanne–I know you are a “real” philanthropist for people with breast cancer and many other areas. I really enjoyed hearing about how your work with those high school kids. You’re the best!

  3. Debi says:

    So, is Breast Cancer Survivors Fdn, Inc. a reputable cause? I cannot locate any rating or advice on them.

  4. I am fortunate enough to be a two-time survivor of breast cancer, and got through treatments physically and financially. My heart goes out to those less fortunate, but I read the information that came with the pledge materials and my suspicions were raised. I want my money either to help women directly, or go toward research–not professional fund raisers.

    Thank you for this blog. My best wishes for you and all your readers.

  5. […] this on ihatebreastcancer and commented: A similar outfit (“Breast Cancer Society”) phoned me. I pretended I thought […]

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