Special Gift Guide Edition….

Comes with everything you see here plus Infusion Accessories and Practice Makes Perfect Stick Kit

Doll cannot actually dance.

Q: What’s more fun than going to your cancer center?

A: Playing “Going to the Cancer Center” with these Barbie-like dolls! Retailing for a bargain price of $8.99 you can afford to buy one for everyone in the waiting room!

Take that, Madame Alexander!

Stock up and save!

About to get a parking ticket? Tired of cleaning the cat box? Consider playing this cancer card, designed by a twenty-something with breast cancer,. . .   →



Is your oncologist AWESOME?

Why not let everyone know!

Be warned, most of the other shirts

have some very rude (albeit pretty

funny sayings).  The designer is a four-year

Hodgkins survivor.  . .  ↓

↑  Just the thing to wear on your next fundraiser walk!

Breast cancer left Margaret Omori with lymphedema and the idea for "Sassy Sleeves" compression garment covers.



5 thoughts on “Special Gift Guide Edition….

  1. Suzanne says:

    OMG, this was flipping hilarious. I was just talking to one of the cancer crew tonight and we were lamenting about those with and those without cancer. A copy of your post was rushed off to her immediately. I can hear racous laughter all the way from Vegas, right – about – now!
    Big hugs, Katherine. Lunch soon?

  2. Thank you for the laugh. I will be sharing this one!

  3. lisa says:

    Thinking about you KOB!

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