Endorsing Pink Bras for the Cause: I Think I Need a New Agent

I admit I felt a certain jealousy when Laurie at  Not Just About Cancer  and Rachnel at  The Cancer Culture Chronicles   both reported they had received a Special Breast Cancer Awareness Partnership Offer from the Creator/President (CP) of  Save the JujyFruits.*

The CP proposed that Laurie and Rach guest blog during October. “I have some fun ways to make it a great partnership for both of us AND for the fight against breast cancer,” promised the CP.

Ooooh! Maybe there would be a slumber party?  Rach and Laurie have both lost their hair during their treaments–maybe they would swap wigs? Rach is also the the curator of  The Pink Boobs Award gallery ( “Featuring the Best of the Worst  Pink Ribbon and Breast Cancer Awareness Stuff”). I just knew she would let Laurie play with the Breast Cancer Awareness Frog even though she knows that is MY favorite piece of  Art for the Cure EVER.

I was on the verge of texting the CP: “Hey! U Can’t Spell Metastatic Breast Cancer Without ME!”  But then Laurie and Rachel said they had both declined the Special Offer.

“No thank you,” Laurie wrote. “I suspect that you didn’t really look at my blog before making this offer. I have metastatic breast cancer – long past the stage where “saving the JujyFruits” is an issue.  I may have lost a Jujy (despite your best efforts) but I am alive, which is what matters. Also, while I do  have a pretty good sense of  humour, I don’t find your products to be amusing (actually, I find those in the men’s section to be distasteful and insensitive). I’d prefer to encourage my readers to donate to organizations that really make a difference and use all the funds (as opposed to 5% of sales) for advocacy, awareness, research and building community. ”

Rach responded via Laurie’s blog: “Having just recently lost the use of my hand due to my metastatic breast cancer, I was trying very hard to think how ‘fun’ my collaboration with the JujyFruit  for-profit brand could be,” she wrote. ” Thanks to you though for saving me the trouble of responding to their ridiculous request for guest blog content.”

Katie at  Uneasy Pink  reported that like me, she, too, had been left bidless  during JujyFruit Rush Week, probably because of her position on such things was well known. As a proud purveyor of  Wear Black & Save the Rack Metastatic Breast Cancer Bracelets, I assumed I was considered a  JujyFruit competitor and therefore an unsuitable collaborator.

So I was just kind of sitting around and sulking that I wasn’t even asked  when I GOT IT! 

My own e-mail invitation to untold fame, riches and FREE bras. With PINK embellishments!

It was an endorsement deal from Cross My Kumquats*.

“We have partnered with the American Cancer Society  to raise funds during Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” the marketing director wrote. “We are trying to make a big splash in the market and could really use your help.”

I learned that the Cross My Kumquats’  soft and stretchy material has elicited positive reviews from the postsurgical.  “Several customers say our bras are great for use after surgery and treatments because they lay comfortably on the wound. These bras are also considered sporty and would be perfect to wear while participating in team walks and activities. 100% of the profits raised by sales of these styles will be dontated to the American Cancer Society for research into the cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of Breast Cancer.”

I read on, eager to learn how the bras might save the rainforests, too, but there was only photos and sale information.

I admit, I was sorely tempted. But ultimately, I responded with my regrets:

Thanks for thinking of me. I won’t be able to help you promote Cross My Kumquats  for several reasons.

First, as a practical matter, I no longer have a left breast. Reconstruction wasn’t recommended.

Second, after 35 or so years of avoiding the humiliating truth, I am force to admit it: I am flatchested and me wearing a bra is like a blind person wearing sunglasses–it probably looks better but  it is not strictly necessary.

Third, I don’t think I am your target audience. I don’t have “fun let’s wear something pink” breast cancer. (Here is where I must point out that 20 to 30 percent of those originally dx’d with an early stage cancer will go on to have a recurrence, unfortunately quite a few will be joining me in the OMG, I Can’t Believe It’s Metastatic club.)

Surgery is not standard of care for people with metastatic breast cancer (altho some do have it and I did). My cancer had spread (mets) when it was found. That is unusual. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer already had their surgery, chemo, rads, etc. and now, months, years or  decades later their cancer came back, despite their vigilance, regular exams, exercise and strict diets. (Which makes some kinda bitter about doing walks, etc.)

Fourth, the American Cancer Society uses  little money to fund  metastatic issues–I believe less than 2%. I could suppport www.metavivor.org, however.

Fifth, I am working to promote National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (Oct 13, www.mbcnetwork.org). Endorsing Cross My Kumquats would undermine my credibility.

Rock on

*Names changed to protect the ignorant

23 thoughts on “Endorsing Pink Bras for the Cause: I Think I Need a New Agent

  1. Katherine,

    I laughed myself silly over this one. Hilarious … and so right on target for the MBC community. Thank you so much … it was brilliant. My grandmother always said that aughter is the best medicine … maybe she got that from Art Linkletter, I don’t remember. At any rate, with you have MBC … laughter is very, very sweet.

    Thank you for this.

  2. You have my kind of sense of humour, lady – angry, sharp, a little twisted and dead on accurate. Thanks so much for this – you’re a terrific writer.

  3. Rock on KOB, and all the others who passed up this golden opportunity to parade pink for fun and profit!
    When is uniboober awareness month anyway?

  4. How do I love this posting? Let me count the ways! Good for you to respond like that!! There should be a dictionary for just how to define breasts: Jujy and Cross my Kumquats? Unbelievably offensive.

    I don’t have my Kumquats anymore; they have been reconstructed. Maybe I’ll be one of those lucky ones to get an invite from these heinous organizations. I can’t wait to go off on them, as well.

  5. […] that there have been some “overtures” made to some of my snarky, smart blogging buddies to write guest posts on commercial sites.  I sense a counter pink movement this Extreme […]

  6. Cait says:

    I received the same e-mail asking me to Endorse those bras. I love your reply!

  7. feistybluegecko says:

    I also loved your humour in this, but even more so I loved the way you have stood by your principles. Though a naughty part of me wonders if it could be “fun” to agree to doing a guest post and write something which exposes this contradiction.

    I am astounded by these “overtures” to write guest blogs and will mention it in my upcoming blog post, with a reference back to this post.

    Thanks for telling us about this.
    P 🙂

  8. I must be on some sort of sick joke list, because I also got the Cross Your Kumquats request for FREE promotion on my blog! Besides not having the appropriate appendages, or a free hand to wrangle said offending piece of pink clothing, once again I must politely decline their overture for all the jolly fun and games. All further sponsorships and endorsements deals with The Cancer Culture Chronicles will be brought to you by the letters “F” and “O”.

  9. Ann Fonfa says:

    Well I have to admit I feel left out. I guess it is SO CLEAR that the Annie Appleseed Project won’t stand for any of this nonsens because practically no company asks us to get on board with their sales effort.

    And me, a former salesperson.

    Well, our focus has to remain natural therapies (still mostly ignored by mainstream), lifestyle issues (partly noticed but misunderstood), complementary and alternative (where ARE those research funds)treatments.

  10. Katie says:


    I am the reject of the breast cancer blogosphere.


  11. mhopper55 says:

    So well put. I am glad there are women who can speak to the “pink” issue and hopefully educate to the need for real research on stopping metastatic breast cancer. Thanks for being a voice

  12. Jackie Fox says:

    Hmm. I got s similar request, I’m pretty sure from the same outfit. They wanted me to promote their bras and said they partner with the American Cancer Society (in which case they hardly need me, do they?)

    I was just going to delete the request but perhaps I should respond with my thoughts on October turning into a retail season that rivals the Christmas shopping season.

    p.s. Katie, you’re not a reject! They probably heard about your Facebook skirmish with whatever that boobie foundation was and they’re just scared! 🙂

  13. Ann Fonfa says:

    HI Jackie,
    What’s your group?

  14. dc says:

    Crap on a cracker! I love you!

  15. lisa jonas says:

    oh how i hate my profession some days. keep kickin ass kob.

  16. Wonderfully said! I frequently get emails from Kumquat groups and it’s obvious they haven’t taken the time to read my blog, what I care about or my mission statement. If it’s addressed to another blogger, but sent to me, I tell them what they can do with their Kumquats, but most of the time I ignore them. What kind of group thinks mass emails are “personal?”


  17. Stacey says:

    Perfect. Love this post. Maybe we should draft a rejection letter and anyone receiving such idiotic requests can use it. Imagine Kumquats getting the same letter. Maybe then they’ll take the time to read the blogs their pretending to. Great job.

  18. Amazing. I applaud all three of you.

  19. […] Katherine of I hate breast cancer is gearing up for “pinktober”   – check out her post on endorsing pink bras. And in “Pinktober comes early..ugh” Lisa of cancerfree2be has been pointing out that it’s not even October and already the world is awash in pink branding! […]

  20. clap clap clap a thousand times over!


  21. TheBigCandMe says:

    Love, love, love your sense of humor!!! Your posts are awesome.

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