Keep shining

Last year I created my own holiday: Breast Cancer Remembrance Day.

On Oct, 31, the final day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will remember the friends and family I have lost to this disease.

I will wear black, not for its funeral implications but for its simple dignity, a quality sadly lacking for much of the preceding 30-pink saturated days.

At 8:45 that night I will go outside with a flashlight. I’ll think of the one in 8 U.S. women who will get breast cancer and the 45,000 who will die this year.

My eighth grade science teacher told us if you turned on a flashlight and pointed it toward the sky the photons immediately start to spread out as they leave the flashlight. Provided they don’t hit anything, each individual photon travels through space forever.

Time slows down as you approach the speed of light.

I’ll think of those whose time was all too brief and I’ll hope for brighter days ahead.


5 thoughts on “Keep shining

  1. Katie says:

    That’s beautiful. Yesterday, I attended the funeral of Ashley: Warrior Mom. Thinking of her shining through space forever is comforting.


  2. What a beautiful tribute. I’d say let’s find a way to make this a tradition but some marketer would sell small pink flashlights with pink bulbs. For this day, I don’t like the idea of the pink that inundates us the rest of the month. I like your idea of wearing black, not for mourning, but for the understated, simplicity that accompanies such a profound message of “we miss you and honor you.” We keep your light shining.


  3. feistybluegecko says:

    Simply beautiful – and utterly respectful. I think I might quietly join you on 31 October with my flashlight from Yangon. Very true, Brenda – no pink flashlights or marketing!

  4. Dee Brown says:

    I’ll join you in this! What alovely way to remember! I, too am a science teacher. It’s great that you remember about the photons. Spread a “little” light in the universe to touch all those souls in Heaven.

  5. What a beautiful idea. Simply stated. And not pink….

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