My Unbucket List: 10 Things I Look Forward to Never Doing Again

What’s on your bucket list? I wish I had one, but I am not that organized/imaginative. Plus I am one unreformed ‘fraidy cat.

I never liked going down the big slide at the playground. I try not to look down when I am standing on the no man’s land space where the jet bridge ends and the plane doesn’t quite begin. There is no way I would ever sky dive, rappel down a mountain (not even the REI climbing wall) or swim with dolphins. (Of course since I can’t really swim, the dolphins would be doing all the work. “Clinging with the dolphins” would be more like it.)

There are quite a few things I would be just as happy never to do again:

10. Listen to someone outline a treatment plan for my gingivitis.

9. Clean Venetian blinds.

8. Pick up my dry cleaning.

7. Eat kale.

6. Attend a sexual harassment training seminar.

5. Pay bills.

4. Evaluate various cell phone/Internet/cable packages

3. Solve for x.

2. Square dance.

1. Re-read “Beowulf.”


9 thoughts on “My Unbucket List: 10 Things I Look Forward to Never Doing Again

  1. Katherine- I am so with you on the kale eating. The devils own vegetable. I don’t even care if it’s masquerading as a cure for cancer……okay my I would force down a leaf or two. I would love never to have sort out a drawer/closet ever again. I loathe to organize. I would also like to never have to listen to another baseball/ football commentary on the radio ever again. And I never want to sit through a 2hr monologue about some woman’s kids swimming lessons and enrollment in kindergarten (that happened yesterday and I literally wanted to kill myself I was so bored).

  2. Jazzergr says:

    We had a dog named Beowulf and loved the movie

  3. Gotta say I’m addicted to Kale!!! But what a great idea to have an unbucket list. It makes sense to me that what we thoughtfully remove from our lives is just as powerful as what we consciously bring in. I joyfully remove skydiving, monster trucks, fairs, mall-shopping, all-nighters, jogging, turnips, fast food, lobster, and child-rearing from my list. That felt pretty good!

  4. Katherine,

    I’ve never been tempted to taste Kale. I did like Beowulf, but I was an English major in college, and we have to love everything we read. LOL

    Great posting and very funny. 🙂

  5. Kathi says:

    Bahahah!! I’d add lima beans to that list. Hate them. Like green cardboard. Lordy, even for brussel sprouts I managed to find an amazing recipe to make them enjoyable. But lima beans? Succotash is not the solution.

    Also, I don’t believe in dry cleaning, just on general principle.

  6. Hi Katherine,
    I never ate kale until last year, when I ordered it by accident. Not wanting to waste food, I sauteed it with onions and ginger, and it surprised me. My family liked it too. I’m with you on the blinds. As for square dancing, I wish I could –

    Now you’ve got me thinking about things I never want to do again.

  7. cancerfree2b says:

    Oh I LOVE this idea: an UNbucket list – fantastic. I have never been a fan of the bucket list idea in the first place. But, I really like this idea. On the kale deal, I have to say I really enjoy it, but, I don’t eat it plain, I dress it up in salads and put it in soups. I have even successfully passed it off on family members who couldn’t believe they were eating that supposedly nasty green.

    Great idea for the unbucket list . . . working on mine right now!

    Oh and I am SO with you on “evaluate cell phone/cable plans” etc. . . . I hate doing that.

    All the best,


  8. feistybluegecko says:

    Yes, me too! I am going to have some fun putting my list together. In Scotland the bucket is the word often used for the bin (rubbish, garbage, trash…) so I think I will put together a “chuck it in the bucket list”! When I do I will reference this post if that’s ok with you? Warm hugs and bye bye to ironing and celery hiding in salads! 🙂

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