Why is this blog called ‘I Hate Breast Cancer’?

Why is this blog called ihatebreast cancer?

Two groups inspired me. First, the so-called “charities” that specialize in telling us how much they love  boobies, second base, tatas, etc. I thought I should respond in kind. 

But primarily, the “ihatebreastcancer” name came from a post on a board for women with metastatic breast cancer. One woman started off the “I hate breast cancer” thread and people started chiming in.

That discussion took place nearly two years ago, but I can’t forget it.

I hate breast cancer

[Just to clarify… this was a group discussion…these are all different women reponding.]



I hate that…

my veins are shot (I have to get a port)

taking a crap is always on my mind

managing SEs has become dinner talk

my old dog has more energy than me

so much is out of my control

privacy is a thing of the past

I have no eye lashes (or any hair anywhere)

I hate people asking me when will I be finished with chemo.  As a TN, the answer is basically never.

I hate that BC is on my mind all the time.

I look like a complete and total different person.

I am so fat and keep getting bigger.

my wig sucks.

my house is a wreck.

The mind I have left is always on cancer.  I seem to be able to forget every other details but I never forget I have cancer.

I hate that I feel guilty every time I eat something with sugar or fat or not organic.

I hate that I have to worry about my daughter having this horrible disease.

I hate my cancer causes my family so much sadness and anxiety.

I hate that I am losing my hair for the 3rd time

I hate that my veins are going, only have one arm to use and I need to get a f-ing port

I hate that I have gained 40lbs in 5 years…

I hate every freakin BC/hip scar on my body

I hate that I don’t enjoy s*x anymore

I hate that statistically speaking I will not see my children grow up let alone start kindergarten.

I hate that my children will likely grow up without their mom.

i hate cancer
i hate people saying you are strong you can do this (the one who dont have cancer )
i hate when people say you need to get up and do something (if i could i would )
i hate cancer have change my whole world
i hate i cant sleep
i hate i lost so much weight
i hate being depress
i hate cancer

I hate that I am so tired all the time.

I hate that I am reminded I have cancer every day.

I hate that I have to go to the cancer center every week for chemo.

I hate the way people look at me with pity in their eyes.

I hate that my family thinks I am cured

I hate that cancer took my fertility

I hate that I was stage 4 at 29 years old

I hate that I cannot be cured

I hate that my kids will lose their mother when they are young

being tired, angry, scared, andy ugly

the saddness in my husbands eyes

I hate cancer.

I hate that my first thought when I wake up is cancer.

I hate that my brain at times seems to have deserted me and I forget words or forget why I even started to say something.

I hate how tired I am and I hate my inability to sleep at night.

I hate people saying “how are you” in “that” tone of voice. (Always the same answer: “Fine, TY”).

I hate worrying about what’s coming next.

I hate cancer.

I am tired of feeling sad,

I am tired of trying hard all the time

I am tired of being made to feel gratitude for the good and positive things

I am angry for all the things that were taken from me, for the pity I see in everyone’s eyes.

[Just to clarify… this was a group discussion…these are all different women reponding.]


12 thoughts on “Why is this blog called ‘I Hate Breast Cancer’?

  1. I hate breast cancer too and the fact that I have to ask my 70yr old mother in law for help with household chores when I’m only 40! And I hate how I have to explain why that makes me mad!!!!!! But I do love you and your blog Kathrine. Who knew we would connect over a pink frog. Ribbit. 😉

  2. Shelli G. says:

    Great post. Great blog. Cancer sucks. I have always been a POOR housekeeper. Working full time, raising a son, my house has always been messy. I hate that now that I am home (not working thanks to cancer), my extended family seems to think I should be able to keep it clean now. I hate that my son (now 20) seems to think it’s okay to be as non-productive as his 47 yr old mother with cancer.

    Cancer sucks.

  3. Stacey says:

    Thank you, Katherine, for telling it like it is. Too many wiithout cancer are blinded by pink and can’t see this reality, but it needs to be said.

  4. nancyspoint says:

    Your blog’s title is perfect. I hate that there are so many things on this list. Mostly, I hate breast cancer too, especially the metastatic kind, but I hate it all. All of it.

  5. There are a lot of things to hate, but I’m not sure I’ve used that word except for the universal, “I hate this!” While I wish breast cancer hadn’t happened to me, James’ death this Christmas has been far worse. I miss him more than I can express, but even that, I don’t hate. James died almost instantly–he lost consciousness. I’m glad for him, because he didn’t suffer, wasn’t afraid. I would have hated that.

  6. Kathi says:

    I hate breast cancer, too, hate, loathe, despise it. But I love you and your blog, Katherine.

  7. Beverly says:

    Thank you. That. Is. Real.

  8. njbookwoman says:

    that says it all.

  9. Mry Dungan says:

    Thank you Katherine for directing me to your blog. It is difficult read but so good to confront what has been going on. I was diagnosed in Feb ’07, had a lumpectomy, chomo, and readiation and thought ok, this is one and done., After all my mom had bc in 1979 and she was clean ever since, My sister. Sue had BC3 years before me and hers came back as I finished my initial treatments. She is still fighting the good fight and she inspires my with her attitude. Mine decided to rear its ugly head again last October and I am fighting to keep it going. I have been very blessed in my life with a wonderful marriage and 4 great kids. My husband has been amazing and is always by my side. Then my kids,3 are grown and amazing but I still have an 11 year old and it breaks my heart that I wont be here to see him grow up. I am trying to get over the sadness and get on with enjoying what I have. Thank you for the blog. I think it will help.

  10. Reblogged this on hello world and commented:
    Everyone should read this….

  11. I found out I have metastatic breast cancer yesterday. This was after a radical mastectomy with ALL the lymph nodes under my arm removed, as they were riddled with the cancer. You took the words out of my head.

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