MBC Network National Conference is Oct. 29 at Johns Hopkins

“Empowerment Through Education” is the theme of this year’s MBCN National Conference at Johns Hopkins (Baltimore). The free conference kicks off with a reception on Oct. 28 and full-day session on Oct. 29.

Johns Hopkins University medical and research experts will speak on the latest treatments and promising research for metastatic breast cancer

 Topics include:

>Understanding MBC


>Standard of Care vs. Clinical Trials

>Cutting Edge Research

>Ask the Experts

 Attendees can choose among these  breakout sessions:

>Bone Mets

>Managing Side Effects

>Nutrition and Wellness

>Surgery and Soft Tissue Mets

>Role of Caregivers and more…

In addition to the excellent program, this is a great opportunity to network with other MBC patients and caregivers who “get it.”  Your free registration includes the reception, continental breakfast and lunch.

Stay tuned for more details!

See videos and presentations from last year’s conference at www.mbcnetwork.org.

All MBCN programs are free and open to patients, friends & family, and health care professionals.

MBCN is a national, independent, patient-led, nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to the unique concerns of the woman and men living with metastatic breast cancer. We strive to help those living with stage IV breast cancer be their own best advocate through providing education and information on treatments and coping with the disease.

© 2011 Metastatic Breast Cancer Network. All rights reserved.

MBCN is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization.


5 thoughts on “MBC Network National Conference is Oct. 29 at Johns Hopkins

  1. You’ll be there Katherine? Perhaps I should hop a rattler……..

  2. katherinembc says:

    I think so! I haven’t made any definite plans but I hope to be there. I went to the Indy event last year and I really enjoyed it. The information and the opportunity to meet other MBC patients was great.

  3. Please keep us posted. We can only hope there will be some encouraging news.

  4. Kathi says:

    Would love to go myself. MBC is ground zero, after all, and we all need to focus on it. Could maybe take the train down. Not that far. Hmm.

  5. katherinembc says:

    Hope to see you there!

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