Cheers & Jeers: The Metastatic Breast Cancer Edition

Here are some recent metastatic breast cancer new items. For those scoring along at home, we’ve grouped them into “Cheers” and “Jeers.” Feel free to submit your own items in the comments. The IHBC News Team will leap over our anchor desk and spring into the IHBC Newsmobile to check it out.

CHEERS: Have pants, will travel

Stephanie Maltby, 32, grew up in Lansing and received her nursing degree from Lansing (MI) Community College a year before her Stage IV breast cancer was discovered. A nursing career was the culmination of years of effort that started when Maltby, who did not finish high school, obtained her GED, writes Brad Flory.

While sorting through some old clothes, Maltby’s older sister, Shannon Kegebein had an idea. The Traveling Pants (actually a pair of Stephanie’s old jeans) have made the rounds among 13 Stage IV women across the country ranging in age from 26 to 40. Each woman uses a permanent marker to sign  her name, age and hometown. Many  also add  encouraging notes before sending them on to the next recipient.

We say: Thank goodness there is no “Traveling Swimsuit!” (Some ladies do actually put on the pants and snap  a photo, others just pose holding the jeans.)

Read more here.

JEERS:Can’t judge a book by its cover

Korean Air reportedly refused to let Crystal Kim board a flight from Seattle to South Korea because the Stage IV woman looked too frail. Kim’s daughter told reporters her mother had been cleared to fly and had a doctor’s note to this effect. Delta offered to accommodate Kim. Read more here.

We say: Southwest Airlines threw Kevin Smith off a plane for being too fat. Mrs. Kim was grounded for apparently being too frail. What about  passengers who are too flatulent? That would be a real service!

CHEERS: Run, Forest, Run!

A record 413 people participated in the 14th annual .05K Bridge Run conducted on the Eastport Bridge from Annapolis to Eastport. That’s one-twentieth of a kilometer marked by “slight incline, followed by brief flatness, becoming a slight decline,” according to the official course description handed out to participants.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Anne Arundel SPCA and METAvivor, a research and support group for stage-four breast cancer patients. Read more here.

We say: Finally, a race we can win!

JEERS: The Ring of Shame

Patrick Hayden is a former customer service rep with The Concorde Collection, a family-owned company that sells mail-order discount jewelry by telephone, on their website and through their seasonal print catalogs.

“One of their best-selling products is a women’s sterling silver ring from the ‘Hope for the Cure’ jewelry line,” reports Hayden. “The ring’s description tugs at the heart strings with a melodramatic portrayal of being devoted to finding a cure for breast cancer (along with a $59.95 price tag).” The rings are advertised in national magazines such as TV Guide.

Hayden alleges that most rings soon lose their  synthetic or imitation gemstones.  When the customers attempt to return the merchandise for a refund or a replacement,  many of them discover the 60-day return policy refers to the number of  days after the item was shipped rather then to when the customer received it.  A casual Internet search turned up several complaints, including these. Read Hayden’s article here.

We say: You have to try really hard to distinguish yourself among the purveyors of pink crap. The Concorde Collection takes the cake!

3 thoughts on “Cheers & Jeers: The Metastatic Breast Cancer Edition

  1. nancyspoint says:

    Katherine, where DO you find this stuff? It’s all kind of mind boggling isn’t it?

  2. Katherine, The sheer energy emanating from your blog lifts me. Keep it going!

  3. Kathi says:

    Karherine, your cheerful snarkitude & dogged ferreting of noteworthy news is a shining example to bloggers everywhere. I’m honored to share cyberspace with you. BTW, I think I could manage a .05K run, but a leap over the IHBC news desk? Truly inspiring. Cheers to you.

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