Hey Disruptive Breast Cancer Bloggers: The Winners

Movie people have the Oscars. Stage actors and actresses have the Tonys. Recording artists have the Grammys. And disruptive breast cancer bloggers have the MAAMies. It’s a Major Award!

The I Hate Breast Cancer Foundation (IHBCF) is pleased to announce the winners of the first ever MAAM (Mammogramatically Challenged And/Or  Also Metsters ) of the Year Awards. As a global leader in truth, justice and the anti-carcinogenic way, the IHBC Foundation is pleased to recognize the few, the proud and the very loud breast cancer bloggers.

…And the 2011 MAAMies go to:

Winners: The Prize Patrol will find you. Each of you will be receiving a Major Award individually selected for you. Please send your mailing address to kob [at]americanprinter.com.

J.K.  Rowling Howler MAAM Award

Winner: Anna Rachnel

Representative Post: Pink Town, New Normal

Nominators: Self, Being Sarah; Nancy’s Point, Bringing up Goliath and The Liberation of Persephone

Anna Rachnel makes us howl with laughter and outrage simultaneously. “Your blog posts make me laugh out loud, make me shout out to my computer screen saying ‘YES, YES!’ and also get me thinking,” writes nominator Being Sarah. “Thank you for smashing the myth of the pink popular culture of the breast cancer world. ”

Anna, you are inspiration with every respiration. Please be upstanding and repeat after me: “Today, I am a MAAM!”

Royal Purple MAAM Award

Winner: Kathi Kolb

Nominators: Self, Bethany

Representative Post: What’s In A Name

The Queen of Snark is “informative, funny beyond words and just the most beautiful person, evah!” according to nominator Bethany. The Accidental Amazon has a way with words AND pictures.

Kathi, you are a unique and colorful voice. Please be upstanding and repeat after me: “Today, I am a MAAM!”

Get Up, Stand Up MAAM Award

Winner: Katie Ford Hall

Nominator: Self

Representative Posts: Feel Your Boobies or Else, Miss Pink Elegance

“Katie strikes a dissonant chord with many advocates and concerned citizens about the lengths fundraisers will go in the name of the cause,” author  Gayle Sulik observed. Katie has the unique distinction of being banned from the “Feel Your Boobies” Facebook page, apparently for expressing inconvenient truths.

Katie, we are glad you are on our side! Illegitimi non carborundum. Please be upstanding and repeat after me: “Today, I am a MAAM!”

Arm & Hammer MAAM Award

Winner: Ann Silberman

Representative Post: Remembering The Carcinista (Sarah Feather)

Nominator: Self

“I’ve just discovered your blog and I think we might be related,” Sarah wrote in a  200 9 email to Ann. ” I’m not sure I’m as funny as you are, but I’m kicking cancer’s ass and laughing about it, too. Ovarian, since 2006, two boys (5 and 7) and a shell-shocked husband also. Blogging and looking for like-minded wise-asses who don’t let their baldness get them down.” Ann, a good laugh is a precious gift. Keep grinding ’em out! Please be upstanding and repeat after me: “Today, I am a MAAM!”

IHBC Foundation Honors

Inductees: Elizabeth Danu of The Liberation of Persephone  and JDub at Get Out Gertrude

This award is given to those who personify awareness and education in action. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) accounts for between 1 to 5 percent of all U.S. breast cancer cases–NIH classifies it as a rare disease. Although some progress has been made, it remains the most aggressive type of breast cancer.

Both JDub and Elizabeth Danu have written extensively about IBC. They have compiled useful resources, shared their own experiences and reached out to the others.

A lot of people talk about awareness but Elizabeth and “Gertrude” actually are creating some.

Elizabeth and JDub, please be upstanding and repeat after me: “Today, I am a MAAM!”

Thanks to ALL who are making a difference. We owe a debt of gratitude to Daria, RivkA and so many who have preceded us. Thanks for showing us the way.

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20 thoughts on “Hey Disruptive Breast Cancer Bloggers: The Winners

  1. Katie says:

    **runs screaming down the aisle**

    I…uh…didn’t expect to win…I don’t have anything prepared…but… YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME…






  2. JBBC says:

    Great choices!

  3. Wow.!!! I really wasn’t expecting this. Thank you and Thank you to Anna, Katie, Ann and Kathi for being the bloggers we all wish we could be.

  4. Ann Fonfa says:

    We linked to many of you a while back, but NOW I really got to know you at the NBCC. You are awesome and amazing women. Proud, proud, proud.

  5. *Races to podium for trite acceptance speech* NOTE: Appears at podium WITHOUT pink ribbon prominently placed somewhere on body.

    Speech: “Well where would I be without my friend and yours, CANCER! Let’s hear it for CANCER. I AM A MAMM *crowd goes wild*

    And I’d also like to thank my Dad, without whom I’d never be who I am today, nor BRCA1+. I’d also like to thank the pharmaceuticals for sponsoring my appearance here today, and in fact my continued existence and for all the colonic adventures, eternal baldness, nameless skin irritations, zombie like-skin palor, and depressed blood counts, oh but I’m sure I’m forgetting something…….well thank you to all side-effects for enriching my life and allowing me to continue to ply my snarky craft. You make me a less better person and my doctors richer.

    And I’d to thank you, my minions, my disciples, my groupies, my followers, my fans, nay my friends from the bottom of my heart, which incidentally now sports a pericardial window which also goes beautifully with my dress. Tonight I’m wearing Komen Coture for the Cure. (Please don’t reprint the name of the dress label without my express permission, and a royalty would be nice as well, otherwise expect a lawsuit).

    I would also like to thank my tumors who everyday give me the the encouragement to get out of bed and give the appropriate tongue lashings. Without them I’d be…..oh I don’t know, who knows where, but I certainly wouldn’t be here to accept this prestigious MAAM award today without their continued support and growth within my bodily ecosystem.

    Oh that’s all I have time for? It’s time for chemo? Okay okay I’m coming. Thank you, thank you and thank you…………..Oh Nurse Ratched….would you mind taking a look at my infected hemorrhoid ? Okay which asshole forgot to turn the damn microphone off…………

    • katherinembc says:

      You should thank your fans! My friend Bonnie did: the one in the kitchen, the one in bedroom, the one in the living room etc., Hot flashes–they’re a fashion don’t!

  6. What amazing writers and incredible PEOPLE! I’m so happy to have met you #cancerrebels in person at NBCCATC – YOU ROCK!

  7. Being Sarah says:

    Ah thank you for this. Sheesh, am sure glad we can laugh about all this stuff!

  8. Kathi says:

    The few, the proud, the SNARKY!! I’m just so chuffed to be included in this august group of rebels and trouble-makers. We are MAAM’s and, as P!nk (the only pink I actually enjoy) said in her song “Raise Your Glass,” ‘we will never be, never be anything but loud and nitty gritty!’

    Rock on, Sistahs!! I’m a little verklemped just now…

  9. nancyspoint says:

    I’m so honored to “know” these amazing women who have earned this distinguished award. I am even more proud to have been a part of the equally important nominating process. After all, you can’t win if you aren’t nominated, right?

    Love the humble acceptance speeches too!
    Thanks for the laughs, Katherine!

  10. Great choices. Sometimes hilarious and always on point! Love your idea for the awards. Well done, ladies, but really, we need to find a new co-star–breast cancer.


  11. suzanne says:

    Time for the after party!

  12. Gayle Sulik says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Let the rebellion continue.

  13. […] Cancer, full of prize goodies in acknowledgement of my recently being awarded one of the first Annual MAAM of the Year Awards.  From the IHBC blog:   ”As a global leader in truth, justice and the anti-carcinogenic […]

  14. Winning with a representative post about Sarah is a true honor.

    We were snarky twins.

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  17. […] cancer about six months later called The Accidental Amazon. Kolb’s blog received the 2011 Royal Purple MAAM Award, in which her nominator wrote that, “The Queen of Snark is ‘informative, funny beyond […]

  18. […] resource sites like Healthline.com. I think my favorite was the one organized by Katherine of ihatebreastcancer, who asked readers to nominate those of us who were deemed ‘disruptive breast cancer […]

  19. […] Also Metsters) Award. The satirical award category, created by Katherine O’Brien, blogger at I Hate Breast Cancer, honors disruptive bloggers who daringly challenge the pink status quo. Rachel, still blogging […]

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