Common cents: A teacher’s lesson on value and worth

Mike Stinnett retired in June 2010 after 40 years of teaching. He was known for his custom of presenting students with pennies on graduation day Why pennies?

Mike Stinnett’s “Last Lesson on Value and Worth”

You have just been given an Indian Head penny dating from 1859 to 1908. The coin you have received is authentic and more than 100 years old. It has little real value. (”Value” is what is right, worthwhile or desirable; principles or standards.)

In most cases, its monetary value is less than 100 times its face value. Its usefulness or importance–its worth–will only be what you place on it!

Here, then is my last lesson to you: During your life, be aware of those things that will have real Value and Worth to you. Add to this list when necessary:

>The first should always be your family. Take care of them first.

>The second is education. Learning is lifelong.

>The third is respect for others and their views.

>The fourth is a willingness to listen.

>The fifth is friendship. Cherish your friends.

>The sixth is the environment. Respect it.

Sometimes what we value has no worth and what we believe has worth has no value.

Choose carefully. You have 86,400 seconds in each day that you live. Do not waste them. They have great value and worth and they can never be reused!

Remember, even a penny can have value and worth.

–Mike Stinnett

via Royal Oak’s Mike Stinnett teaches us about value and worth (Part 2) | KOB on Commercial Printing.


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