Cancer patients commandeer pink bus for 3-day joyride

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2009. “When will you finish treatment?” is a popular question as is “What’s the prognosis?”

These questions aren’t dumb—unless a person has MBC or had some direct experience with it the general assumption is that you have treatment, finish with it and maybe have some follow-up program. That’s how it works with early stage breast cancer and the average person probably doesn’t realize MBC isn’t the same thing.

Some doctors do say MBC is “like a chronic disease.” For some women that’s a fair comparison, others, not so much. Everyone is different.

Now, in terms of truly dumb…..

What’s the deal with getting hit by a bus? It’s true that life is uncertain. But telling someone “Well, you never know, you could get hit by a bus,” is scant consolation.

Another Stage IV woman said metastatic breast cancer is like getting hit by a bus…but being stuck to the grille as the bus keeps going.

Inspired by Susan G. Komen, I have proposed that the 155,000 people in the U.S. with metastatic breast cancer rent a bus. Instead of the three-day walk, we will have a three-day bus ride in which random pedestrians will nearly get hit by our pink bus.

We would then let them get on the bus and tell them well at least they weren’t diagnosed with the proverbial metastatic breast cancer. We would then refuse to let them actually get off the bus, but tell them to think positively and be strong and perhaps everything would ultimately work out all right…

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5 thoughts on “Cancer patients commandeer pink bus for 3-day joyride

  1. Anna says:

    Oh this is priceless……I’ve had so many people use the “bus metaphor” with me…….my response to that now is, that the difference is I know the bus is coming and will hit it’s mark. Usually shuts people up.

  2. Kelly Singh says:

    I love this one… I know people mean well with the whole bus thing and be positive but it gets really, really old. Anna, I am going to use your comment from now on to help shut people up.

  3. jaydub26 says:

    I have just written a short story using ‘the bus’ metaphor for inclusion in a collection of stories by metastatic breast cancer patients from here in New Zealand. I submitted it last week – thought it was a real show of synchronicity that you wrote this post at the same time.

  4. katherinembc says:

    Great minds think alike, jaydub! Thanks for reading!

  5. This is great…someone just pointed me to it. I love the idea of the careening pink bus. In a recent post, I swore to kick in the shins the next person who handed me the bus analogy!

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